Chief Executive Officer and Master Hair Designer

Shakita Preston is an award-winning business professional with over 27 years of experience in salon management, marketing, and business development. Whether styling hair for her ever-growing client base, weddings, photoshoot or just run-way glam, Shakita’s wealth of knowledge is combined with a unique style that consistently pushes boundaries that achieves savage and stunning results. She is skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of hair care, color, cut, make-up and cosmetology. Her brainchild, Slithered Salon and Studio combines a multi-functional full beauty service establishment that connects both the beauty studio and social experience into the “Slithered Effect”. Slither Salon and Studio is the new revolutionary and cosmetology destination for the new era.

About Our Salon & Beauty Studio

Slithered Salon is an inclusive Full-Service Beauty Studio offering clients an array of beauty and self-care services provided by a diverse team of professional artists. For over 27 years, the innovation vision of the Chief Executive Officer and Master Hair Designer Shakita Preston has launched Slithered as a premier beauty establishment in the Philadelphia area. The “Slithered effect” was born out the desire and passion to express one’s true beauty within themselves through her artistry. Slithered Salon and Beauty Studio offers a vibrant, culturally diverse atmosphere where its guest can experience the “Slithered” effect. Slithered recognizes the collective beauty in every person.

Start a Revolution....

Slithered Salon and Studio is a dynamic and cultural social hub situated in the urban backdrop of the “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia, PA in the sub-division of Wynnefield. Brilliantly transforming the Urban with the contemporary, Slithered is changing the hair and beauty experience for the future. The updated lounge and service area is tailored to both the individual and trendsetter alike. The culturally diverse clientele transforms this social hub into a revolutionary epic center to inspire the art of the conversation to meet each client’s individual needs. We offer free Wi-Fi.